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Irina Kovalevskaya

Born in Moscow. She received a well-rounded education, graduating from the Moscow State University and the Higher School of Economics with academic degrees.

Painting and fine art has captivated her since childhood. She studied in the art studios of the Bulgarian Academy of Arts, the Moscow Architectural Institute and the studios of artists from Moscow and Italy.

She creates paintings, drawings, poster art and book illustrations.

Irina is a member of the artistic union XOLST.

She participated in a considerable number of collaborative as well as four personal art exhibitions in Moscow and abroad.


She also took part in several art projects in Moscow.

Her paintings and graphics can be found in many private collections in Russia and abroad.


“Irina Kovalevskaya’s compositions are organized consistently with the laws of air perspective, each plane is accentuated and elaborated, which creates an illusion of infinite space filled with sunlight. The infinity of space testifies to the artist’s inner freedom and makes one consider the eternal metaphysics of existence,” - Anna Tulina, fine art specialist, expert on objects of cultural value for the Russian Ministry of Culture, characterizes I. Kovalevskaya’s body of work.                                                                                                                                                  

Recent works

Irina Kovalevskaya. Willow over the River. 2016. 60х50. Oil on canvas.
Irina Kovalevskaya. Syracuse. 2012. 50х60. Oil on canvas.
Irina Kovalevskaya. Sunny Hydrangea. 2016. 60х80. Oil on canvas.