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What is a white canvas?

It is a symbol of purity and freedom, freedom of creativity and freedom of 'the search'.

This is how the idea of creating the artistic union "XOLST" has appeared, as the organisation of people with similar ideas, different in their education, profession, social status and age, emotional background and personality; however we are all united in our desire to create, live and enjoy life. All our works are filled with positive, light feelings that come from our hearts and souls; here there are no negative emotions that are so widespread in our everyday life, we leave those emotions behind the easel, bringing only happiness to our canvas.

All of us are undoubtedly different, that is why our works are filled with individuality: tender and touching works of Elena Pavlova, modern and confident of Irina Kovalevskaya, sincere and sensual of Marianna Chaykina, perfect and precise of Violetta Goldina.

Looking at the combination of our works, a viewer will see the style that can only be attributed to us, - it is an explosion, it is a unique mix of colours, it is a mix of styles, from Cezanne and Konchalovsky, through Monet and Van Gogh, touching Aleksey von Yavlensky and Vasily Kondinsky, where impressionism has come together with Fauvism and abstractionism with expressionism.

All members of our creative organisation live and work in Moscow, their works are presented in various exhibitions in Russia andworlwide, and their paintings can be found in galleries and private collections throughout the World.