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Marianna Chaykina

Artist, Member of Professional Artists’ Creative Union.

«A particular colour saturation and its carefully considered contrast distinguishes the works of Marianna Chaykina». (Lubov Pulikova, Ph.D. in History of Arts, Member of Artists’ Union of Russia).

«Thanks to the precisely adjusted colour, the depth and substantiality of the palette of lights in its continuous elaboration, these works fully constitute the path of a true self-awareness in harmony with the breath of time». (Flavio Ermini, Italian poet, essayist, literary critic, magazine editor).

Exhibitions in Russia and abroad: History Museum in Yerevan; House-Museum of M. Sarian in Yerevan; Moscow Museum of Modern Art; Russian Embassy in Bern; Art Bazel ’14; Academy of Arts in Uzbekistan as well as in other galleries of different countries, such as Italy, Spain, France and Russia enjoyed tremendous success.

The paintings of Marianna Chaykina can be found in museum collections of Tatarstan, Armenia and Uzbekistan.

Recent works

Marianna Chaykina. My Autumn. 2018. 90х70. Oil on canvas.
Marianna Chaykina. Clouds above Lake Nero. Yakovlevsky Savior Monastery. 2017. 30х40. Oil on canvas.
Marianna Chaykina. Footprints. 2017. 30х40. Oil on canvas..