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Irina Kovalevskaya

Born in the family of a journalist in Moscow. Since birth has expressed a passion for painting and drawing. Painted always and everywhere. She harmonically combined painting with other types of activity.

When choosing the higher educational establishment, she followed her father's advice and decided to  get a serious general education at first.. "If you really want to paint, you will eventually become an artist".

Graduated from the chemistry faculty of Moscow State University and then from High School of Economics. Possesses a candidate degree status. 

The first serious painting lessons, which she received, were in her childhood in the Bulgarian Academy of Arts in Sofia, where she lived for a few years with her parents. Completed multiple courses at Academic School of Design and in Moscow Architecture college, completed programmes of painting and art at Perotti and Belov-Art studio schools. She never stops learning from the great masters. Since 2009 she has seen art as her second profession. Her first personal exhibition of child's graphical works –a portrait, a still life,  pictures with a plot– took place in the Embassy of the USSR in Bulgaria. Multiple times she took part in the students' exhibitions of art in the MSU. Created decorations for students' plays. Won prizes in the poster competitions of  MSU, was rewarded with special trips. Illustrated the books of E. Janson "Hooligans" and J.U. Kaiser "French Sabbatical".

Took part in collective art exhibitions in galleries Perotti and Belov-Art. Took part in art projects of Moscow ("Night in the Museum, "Store of Peace")

All her works are highlighted with interesting compositional decisions and pure bright colour spectrum. Her paintings and graphical works can be found in private collections in Russia and worldwide. Her painting "Oilrig" is displayed in the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow.


Recent works

Irina Kovalevskaya. Willow over the River. 2016. 60х50. Oil on canvas.
Irina Kovalevskaya. Syracuse. 2012. 50х60. Oil on canvas.
Irina Kovalevskaya. Sunny Hydrangea. 2016. 60х80. Oil on canvas.