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Dmitry Kholkin

Dmitry Kholkin graduated from Moscow State Academic Institute of Arts named after V. Surikov.

From 2001  he  is a member of Moscow Union of Artists of Russia. The Leader of the artistic  group 'Аrt Hall'. Granted with a diploma and a note of gratitude by the President of the Russian Academy of Arts  Zurab Tsereteli for a significant personal contribution to the development of art.

An active participant of Russian and International exhibitions. Lives and works in Moscow. The works of the author can be seen in museums and private collections in Russia and worldwide. In 2008 took part in Moscow International Festival of Arts "Traditions and Modernity". In 2009 presented his works at the First International Salon of Arts "The Path of Unity" devoted to the 285th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Recent works

Dmitriy Kholkin. Venice. 2015. 110X80. Oil on canvas.
Dmitriy Kholkin. Ataman. 2008. 120Х80. Oil on canvas.
Dmitriy Kholkin. Grandmother Maasai. 2013. 120Х80. Oil on canvas.